Basilica Palladiana

La Basilica Palladiana is the signature of Vicenza. It is an amazing Renaissance building by the architect Andrea Palladio, one of the most well known architect of the 16th century. Palladio was heavily influenced by the works of ancient Greece and Rome and emulated the classical focus on symmetry, rational logic, and perfect geometries. …..lot to write when we talk about him, but as I said in this blog I will share with you local details and uses that probably you will not find elsewhere.

La Basilica is also the romantic spot where all lovers, friends, kids and families,and tourists will enjoying the view and the magnificence beauty of the small city with a big heart that pulse in every corner.

From the Terrazza of the Basilica you can enjoy our Spritz, our aperitivo signature drink, that now started to be known worldwide, but original unique flavor you will taste in Vicenza, with its secret receipt. Stay tuned

Basilica Palladiana
Terrazza Basilica
Spritz Aperol in Basilica

Published by italianaincanada

I am Italian born and rise in Italy, Vicenza is my home town. I found myself here in Canada for business, initially I had to stay here only couple years, but 11years already passed....somehow my life, is between Italy and Canada since more than a decade. Life is life.

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