la Palladiana

Time to chat some “dessert”, one of the so many specialties of Vicenza….but the most typical of the Fall season is “la Palladiana”(recalls,our Andrea Palladio, monuments, villas and buildings have his signature in Vicenza and all Veneto Region).

This cake is made from one of the most well known and famous pastry strore:”Pasticceria Bolzani”.You can’t miss it.

It is a soft cake typical and only available in Vicenza during fall, made with walnuts, almonds,eggs and flour,and natural ingredients.

Good start of the day with a slice of it and espresso, or cappuccino made from Bolzani, amazing flavor of coffee, and foam with perfect texture.

In Vicenza we don’t have “colazione (breakfast) at Tiffany’s”, but colazione da Bolzani.

Enjoy it. You will have the best Colazione, with best espresso and cappuccino, and if la Palladiana will not be your taste, you have to try their warm croissants, definitely better than Tim Hortons(check it out).

La Palladiana
Simply Cappuccino

Published by italianaincanada

I am Italian born and rise in Italy, Vicenza is my home town. I found myself here in Canada for business, initially I had to stay here only couple years, but 11years already passed....somehow my life, is between Italy and Canada since more than a decade. Life is life.

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