la Palladiana

Time to chat some “dessert”, one of the so many specialties of Vicenza….but the most typical of the Fall season is “la Palladiana”(recalls,our Andrea Palladio, monuments, villas and buildings have his signature in Vicenza and all Veneto Region).

This cake is made from one of the most well known and famous pastry strore:”Pasticceria Bolzani”.You can’t miss it.

It is a soft cake typical and only available in Vicenza during fall, made with walnuts, almonds,eggs and flour,and natural ingredients.

Good start of the day with a slice of it and espresso, or cappuccino made from Bolzani, amazing flavor of coffee, and foam with perfect texture.

In Vicenza we don’t have “colazione (breakfast) at Tiffany’s”, but colazione da Bolzani.

Enjoy it. You will have the best Colazione, with best espresso and cappuccino, and if la Palladiana will not be your taste, you have to try their warm croissants, definitely better than Tim Hortons(check it out).

La Palladiana
Simply Cappuccino

Basilica Palladiana

La Basilica Palladiana is the signature of Vicenza. It is an amazing Renaissance building by the architect Andrea Palladio, one of the most well known architect of the 16th century. Palladio was heavily influenced by the works of ancient Greece and Rome and emulated the classical focus on symmetry, rational logic, and perfect geometries. …..lot to write when we talk about him, but as I said in this blog I will share with you local details and uses that probably you will not find elsewhere.

La Basilica is also the romantic spot where all lovers, friends, kids and families,and tourists will enjoying the view and the magnificence beauty of the small city with a big heart that pulse in every corner.

From the Terrazza of the Basilica you can enjoy our Spritz, our aperitivo signature drink, that now started to be known worldwide, but original unique flavor you will taste in Vicenza, with its secret receipt. Stay tuned

Basilica Palladiana
Terrazza Basilica
Spritz Aperol in Basilica

Piazza dei Signori-Vicenza

La Piazza, the square is the main focus of each city in Italy, it was the place where all the locals they were coming together for the day of the market since back in the centuries. Piazza dei Signori, in Vicenza, one of the most beautiful square, nowadays hosts the typical market twice a week Tuesdays and Thursdays, you come find the most artisan items (from antique and rustic furnitures, that most of the time they are original, patrimony of the antique villas Venete, around Vicenza or from the region Veneto) to stylish and cool accessories, outfit, vintage and new of latest trend, together with organic products that they call” prodotti a kilometro zero” products at kilometer zero, meaning produced locally and organic…the best shopping with touch of local personalty comes really from this market…it is fun, enjoying a walk”passeggiata in Piazza dei Signori”, hearing the voicing of locals,vicentini making their deals, chatting about everything dialect and italian mix together……such of colorful atmosphere. The breath taken building that you will find in the square is the Basilica Palladiana stay tuned…..


“Ponte San Michele”

This is one of the most amazing romantic view in Vicenza, students, lovers, Vicentini, everybody stops here for few seconds just to enjoy beautiful view of our architectural, colorful and none….Ponte San Michele
  • My favorite Bridge.
  • This is one of the most romantic spot in Vicenza…Ponte San Michele destination of all Vicentini, students, lovers, professionals…..everybody that pass through it stops for few seconds just to enjoy the amazing views……colorful houses and none, villas and building with signature of Andrea Palladio. Just to breathe it all in.

Italy where do we start….

I dedicate this blog mainly to Canadians that want to discover Italy with the eyes of a Local.

yes I am a local born and rise in Vicenza, even if I live since a decade between Italy and Canada, two amazing countries. I have the pleasure to share with you Canadians and none, the most special and hidden places in Italy, Borghi, show you the most exclusive experiences related to food and lifestyle, and culture… details simply our Italianity stay tuned.

Hello my name is Barbara pleasure to meet you

Dear All, these are my first posts, my apologies for the form and the look as I am in working progress, but I am pretty sure you will enjoy the contents truly real Italian style and life describe from an Italian in Canada, or better from an Italian that create in Canada her multicultural family but still so Italian.

Why do I do this?

  • Because I have really the pleasure to share with my followers the hidden spots, the real taste, and tips that Italians don’t share much….follow me you wont regret.
Italiana in canada with her canadian family between Italy and Canada